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Cowboy Love Story
Cowboy Love Story
A warm summer night ? a haystack dimly lit with a lamp-oil ? two cowboys. A beautiful love scene between two masculine males.
Mack MANUS  
2022-10-22 13 min
Let you fuck hard by a straight guy
Let you fuck hard by a straight guy
A straight guy Franck Fort fucks hard muscle daddy Mack Manus. Poor daddy must lick the ass of straight guy. A third guy Billy Bouc joins them to continue the play. Submissive fag must eat all the cum delivered into his mouth. Rimming, deepthroat, facefuck, facial cum.
Billy BoucMack MANUS  
2022-10-21 19 min
Garagist fucked hard on the workbench Garagist fucked hard on the workbench
Garagist fucked hard on the workbench
Fucking on the workbench between two virile mechanics - reciprocal blowjob and deep sodomy.
Mack MANUS  
2022-03-03 14 min
Wilde Ferien Wilde Ferien Wilde Ferien Wilde Ferien Wilde Ferien
Wilde Ferien
A fantastic gay outdoor porn video. Five gay muscle men get engaged in a gay orgy in the pine forest behind the beach. They suck, lick and fuck under the southern sun.
Mack MANUSHerbert Engel  
2022-02-02 23 min
At dawn, under the tent of a military section, 2 soldiers jerk off before sucking each other. When the sergeant arrives, he invites them to lick his...
Taurus DEAN  
2022-01-12 8 min
used Deliquent
used Deliquent
A delinquent has been sent to meet a film producer to avoid returning to prison. There's something he doesn't know: Mack only does gay movies and he...
Mack MANUS  
2022-01-10 21 min

MACKSTUDIO features manly guys, straight and muscular looking men into gay hard sex, domination and submission rape and multiple depravities. Mack Manus, director, navigates into typically masculine territories, such as the army, building sites, workers, police, doctors, cowboys, bikers or leather guys. Authority, rape and domination are the watchwords for dominating recalcitrant straight guys

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