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Macho men, hard fuckers, raw action and brute force. French hard core porn.

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Young rogue abused by an old cop Young rogue abused by an old cop
Young rogue abused by an old cop
This dude thinks he's tough. He got caught by the cops and is now locked up in detention for a while. He's about to learn who the boss is. A pervert...
2021-04-12 13 min
A soldier forces a young black recruit to clean his boots with licks. To thank him he fucks him roughly.
2021-04-04 5 min
Military Punishment Military Punishment
Military Punishment
Under a blazing sun, a young soldier, exhausted by the manoeuvres, drags his foot. His disobedience is quickly punished by the sergeant who inflicts a...
Taurus DEAN  
2021-03-03 3 min
Vitness abuse Vitness abuse
Vitness abuse
Arab gay video with Olan, a gay Lebanese man who plays the role of the perverted Arab policeman who savagely fucks a witness. The gay bearded Arab man savagely fucks a straight guy.
2021-01-23 15 min
Humiliation for a casting Humiliation for a casting
Humiliation for a casting
A guy be fuck like a slut by a macho man during casting, rimming, feet licking and hard fuck
2021-01-10 26 min
Mack's hidden camera
Mack's hidden camera
Mack is furious, he prepared a hotel room for a hot video with a hidden camera but the dude never turned up. Fortunatly, next-door, a little pervert...
2021-01-03 22 min

MACKSTUDIO features manly guys, straight and muscular looking men into gay hard sex, domination and submission rape and multiple depravities. Mack Manus, director, navigates into typically masculine territories, such as the army, building sites, workers, police, doctors, cowboys, bikers or leather guys. Authority, rape and domination are the watchwords for dominating recalcitrant straight guys

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